About​ Us

Irresistible Lips is an up and coming cosmetics brand distinctly tailored to give the average individual of today access to on the go quality lip products that are versatile. As we all know makeup is an art of self-expression. Therefore, Irresistible Lips was founded to enhance the art by creating unique cosmetic housings that allow a variety of 2in1 combinations that will invoke the expression of individuality for all races, ages and genders using color.


Why Irresistible Lips You Say?

Well, with our brand you have the creative control to choose your 2 desired colors to customize your double sided duo. There are 16 lip gloss colors & 15 waterproof liquid matte colors that will truly intrigue your inner beauty.  Get creative because with our vegan & cruelty free lippies you can pair whatever 2 colors your heart desires regardless if it’s a matte or lip gloss!  If you’re having a hard time choosing, we even offer duos already uniquely paired with some of our hottest selling colors that are ready to ship. Visit our original pre-selected duos tab and there you will find our selection of irresistible color combinations for gloss & matte!  The best part about all of our duos is they’re refillable!  Once your favorite color is all used up, simply request a refill via our website, and we'll handle the rest to get you back to new.  Nothing more gratifying than having your 2 favorite lip colors in one tube and knowing you won't ever be forced to repurchase at full price again!  Irresistible Lips is here to offer beauty options that are irresistible, convenient & reasonably priced.  We are here to enhance your creative FREEDOM!